Baby Boomer Bongers

Baby Boomer Bongers Maysoon El-Ahmad on Jul 19, 2019 WHAT’S GOING ON The recent wave of legalised marijuana in countries around the world is seeing a shift in the demographic users from the stereo-types of risk-taking youth to silver Baby Boomers. Many of these consumers came of age when sentiment towards marijuana first began to […]

Travelling High

Travelling High Maysoon El-Ahmad on Mar 19, 2019 WHAT’S GOING ON As more and more countries legalise recreational and medical marijuana, we are seeing a new and interesting phenomenon develop – cannabis tourism! Below is just a glimpse into this burgeoning industry. ‘Bud and Breakfast’ is touted as the Airbnb for Cannabis travellers. An online […]

Wilder and wilder for clicks and likes

Wilder and wilder for clicks and likes Maysoon El-Ahmad on Mar 5, 2019 WHAT’S GOING ON Once upon a time bungee jumping or skydiving was considered brave. Then along came base jumping. Then climbing K2 to freestyle ski down to the valley. Now we have even riskier stunts such as cliff jumping, backflipping on high buildings and rope swinging from […]


WHAT’S GOING ON? Generally defined as medication that places people at risk due to unexpected side-effects which in some cases can lead to death, fake medicines are becoming a growing concern globally.  They include medication that: Contains harmful ingredients Contains the wrong ingredient Or the right ingredients at the wrong dose Interpol estimates that about […]

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